The 10 Highest-Paid CEOs in Tech Industry

DollarsWhile the CEOs like Larry Page, Sergey Brin from Google and Mark Zuckerberg take only a nominal $1 per year salary, there are other CEOs who are really making big fortunes as CEOs.

Recently a list of the 200 highest paid CEOs of America was published by the New York Times and so many of these are running the tech companies.

Only those CEOs were able to make to this list who are running companies that have a market capitalization of $1 or higher on the stock market.

The list is topped by Lawrence Ellison who took home $78.4 million annual salary. Next is the new Zynga CEO, Don Mattrick, whose annual salary stood at $57.8 million. The third in the list is Jeffrey Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn with a salary of $49/1 million. Here are the remaining 7 in the top ten highest paid CEOs of American list:

4. Stephen Kaufer (TripAdvisor) – $39.0 million

5. Marc Benjoff (SalesForce) – $31.3 million

6. Tony Aquila (Solera) – $29.9 million

7. John Legere (T-Mobile) – $29.2 million

8. Paul Ricci (Nuance Communications) – $29.2 million

9. Marissa Mayer (Yahoo)- $24.9 million

10. John Chambers (CISCO) – $21.0 million

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