2048 Game is Viral Replacement for Flappy Bird

2048-gameWe know that Flappy Bird creator pulled the game down saying that it was too addictive but now the new game has taken its place in popularity and it is called 2048.

2048 game which involves pairing tiles together and reaching a target of 2048 can be played on smartphones and web also. It has been developed by an Italian game developer with the name Gabriele Cirulli which he says is inspired from 1024 and Threes.

2048 game is also addictive and it appears that the void left by Flappy Bird has been filled by it.

After the removal of Flappy Bird, App Stores were flooded with its clones but the popularity of the clones has finally died down and the new rage is 2048.

You should start playing the game only if you have a few days of time at your disposal because it is very addictive.

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