25$ Cheap Smartphone from Mozilla Is Very Sluggish and Limited

Mozilla has made headlines at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona by presenting a prototype of a $25 smartphone. Mozilla has made this cheap smartphone in partnership with chip-maker Spreadtrum. The phone is powered by the latest version of Firefox OX.


However, the phone is very sluggish in comparison with other phones produced by Mozilla partners. The specifications of this $35 cheap smartphone remind those of first iPhone: 3.5 inch screen, 320×480 resolution display, 2-megapixel camera and no support for 3G.

However, the similarity with iPhone ends with these specs because phone is dismally slow and has a totally terrible screen display compared with today’s phones.

One has hardly to complain given the $25 price tag but this can hardly be considered a smartphone. It is true that the phone can supposedly give you access to internet, can take pictures, allow you to watch YouTube videos but the response time of phone is so terrible that you would rather not be using it for these things.

The phone market is aimed at the lowest possible price segment of smartphone users who can not even afford the low priced entry level Nokia Asha smartphones.

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