36% of WEb Traffic is Fake for Cheating Online Advertisers

MoneyOnline advertising market is huge and billions of dollars are poured into it every month but there is a reality check: fraud is rampant.

According to a report by Interactive Advertising Bureau trade group and reported by the Wall Street Journal, 36% of all web traffic is fake which is resulting from hijacked computer and bots.

This bot traffic cheats advertisers because they might be paying for the advertising to this fake traffic regardless of knowing if the traffic was fake and originated from these fake users.

Security experts say that most of these fraudsters operate from Eastern Europe and set up sites that have phony traffic and keep getting money from the advertisers for traffic being sent from these sites.

Advertisers already know this fraud but still they are pouring more money into online advertising but at the same time being more vigilant about in monitoring traffic and asking the publishers and advertising companies to better vet their advertising inventories.

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