360 Million Stolen Email credentials Available on Sale on Blackmarkets

An information security firm Hold Security has said that more than 360 million stolen email credentials are available for sale on different underground internet blackmarkets, a Reuters report says.

emails hacked

This might present a big risk for the consumers and those companies because stolen email credentials can be used as a gateway for compromising bank accounts, health records, computer systems and company networks.

According to Alex Holden, the CISO of Hold Security, this data has been acquired by his company over the last three weeks period implying that the amount of stolen data available for sale on the internet blackmarkets is huge and unprecedented.

Holden is of the view that this data was obtained in different isolated attacks. He claimed that there was evidence that 105 credentials were stolen in one incident which would mean that it will be biggest single breaches of credential records to date.

He further said that these credentials were probably stolen during breaches which are not public yet and the companies whose data has been stolen might not become aware of this until presented with evidence by third parties. Holden said that the email addresses are from almost all major providers like Google, AOL, Yahoo and Microsoft. He further said that almost all Fortune 500 companies email credentials were included.

Hold Security had also unearthed breach at Adobe Systems last year in October in which tens of millions of credentials were stolen.

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