47% US Jobs Will be Computerized in Next Few Decades: Study

Students working on class assignment in computer labA recent study from Oxford University has concluded that about 47 percent of US jobs will have become computerized within the next few decades with potentially very disturbing results for workers.

These studies highlight the need for imparting right skills to the workers so that they remain relevant in the new technology driven job market that awaits them.

It is not just that technology is taking place of humans, but more importantly technology is changing at such a rapid pace that workers are finding it really hard to keep pace with this rapid shift in technology every two to three years which all is resulting in skill gap and resultant high rate of unemployment.

Increasingly the responsibility of keeping pace with the changing technology is shifting towards the workers from governments and employers due to many reasons. Governments generally are slow to keep pace with the rapid technology change and do not update curricula in accordance with that. Companies and employers on the other hand are spending less on training of workers because they see less return in this because of high turn over of employees with updated skill set.

However, some countries are trying to take the lead. UK, for example, is now introducing a change which will mean that all children will essentially have to learn coding from age 5 up to 16.

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