76 University Sites Hacked for SEO of Gambling Site

SEO of gambling sites is a difficult tasks because most websites would not want to give these sites a backlink due to its negative effects on the search engine ranking. The pay per click advertising for these sites is also very costly and may cost up to $80 per click. So people would go to any length to get ranked on the top for terms like “real money slots”.

It has been revealed by eTraffic that around 76 university websites, including the most prestigious ones like Stanford, Carnegie Mellon University and New York University, have been hacked to link to an affiliate site for slot machine sites which is actually online gambling business.


It was not clear how these contextual links, which are highly valued in SEO, got to these prestigious websites. These are even more prestigious in the SEO because Google places high value on the links from educational websites which have low traffic but high trust. And it was no coincidence that the site that was linked to got a phenomenal rise in its search engine ranking.

The only possible explanation for landing of these online gambling links on these university websites around the world is that their blogging platform might have been compromised.


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