Add 1 GB Free Storage to Dropbox with MailBox

The users of Dropbox can easily add 1 GB of free storage to their Dropbox if they connect their Mailbox account with Dropbox.

Dropbox already offers 2 GB free storage quota for all users on its cloud storage platform but users can utilize different options to further enhance their storage capacity and connecting Mailbox with Dropbox is the easiest of all the options and increases storage space considerably.


All a user needs to do is to go to Apple’s App Store and download the Mailbox app and then connect their Gmail account with it. Once the set up is complete, by tapping the three line icon at the left top of the app and then settings. A page opens and at the bottom of that page, users can connect their Dropbox with Mailbox.

Once Mailbox and Dropbox will be linked, users will immediately see their Dropbox storage enhanced by 1 GB.

This is an enticement by Dropbox to get users sign up with Mailbox, which it bought in about February only after a month of the launch of the app.

This is the easiest options, though there are many other options as well to increase the Dropbox storage like connecting Twitter and Facebook accounts and by inviting other users to sign up for Dropbox.

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