Aereo Banned in 6 States After Losing Copyright Case

It is well known that the final outcome of Aereo will be decided in the Supreme Court where the arguments from both sides are scheduled to be presented in April. But for the time being, a preliminary injunction has been issued by the US District Judge Dale Kimball of Utah which will ban Aereo service in Utah and six other states of 10th circuit. The other affected states are Oklahoma, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico.

The judge did not buy Aereo’s argument that its renting of a tiny antenna to customers exemAereo-logopted it from the ‘transmission clause’ of the 1976 Copyright Act.

Cable companies have been paying fees to TV broadcasting networks for re-transmitting their channels. TV networks also want to be able to collect similar fees from Aereo.

Earlier different TV Broadcasting networks filed a case against Aereo in Boston and New York where they lost. TV networks even lost at the appellate courts where again Aereo won and now Supreme Court will finally decide the fate of Aereo in April.

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