Aereo Pleads Before Court that Company is Dying

Aereo_logoAereo, the US streaming company that intercepts free to air TV signals and sells these streams to its subscribers, has pleaded before a court that the company was in need of immediate emergency help because it needed some time to make technological changes the court ordered when it found it guilty of violating copyrights of TV broadcasters.

The statement before the US district court in Manhattan said: “Unless it is able to resume operations in the immediate future, the company will likely not survive. The company is figuratively bleeding to death.”

The future of Aereo looks extremely precarious after the ruling by Supreme Court in its 25th June judgement that the company was infringing copyrights of TV broadcasters.

The streaming service was suspended by Aereo on 28th June after the court judgement. Aereo was again served a sever blow when US Copyright Office declared that the company did not qualify for an automatic license for a cable company.

The company has now pleaded before the District Court that it should be granted emergency license as a cable company because otherwise the company shall bleed to death because of the “staggering costs.”

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