Airbnb Agrees to Disclose New York Hosts Data on Subpoena

airbnb-newYorkAirbnb and the Attorney Genreal of New York have jointly announced that they have reached an understanding that Airbnb will release data of New York hosts when subpoenaed. Airbnb said that the data will be shared after removing any personally identifiable information.

This agreement settles for now the legal war between Airbnb and New York AG’s office. Airbnb got its first subpoena last year. Airbnb had maintained that the request for information was overly broad and court had sided with Airbnb. But the company received a second subpoena with AG office maintaining that the court had given relief to Airbnb on just a narrow technical ground.

Airbnb has posted a blog post wherein it has said that the new subpoena was likely to be accepted at the court, therefore, the company has agreed to enter into an agreement with the New York AG.

The agreement provides that Airbnb will remove the apartment number when releasing information. However the full address is likely to be provided which mean a significant loss of anonymity.

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