Airbnb Verified Guest Books a Woman’s Apartment for “Adult Freak Fest”

A woman host of AirBNB has accused that an AirBNB verified guest had booked his apartment for “XXX Freak Fest” while apparently saying that he was book the apartment for his brother and sister in law.

However, the person booking the apartment by the name David actually hosted a “XXX Freak Fest” at her place. And it turned out that the woman had to actually call police to evict more than 18 persons in the party who also abused her furniture and other household items.

The AirBNB host has said that she has suffered a loss of $87,076 and is most likely going to be evicted by the landlord for ‘holding’ such party in a family neighborhood. She said that she also had to suffer a lot of stress and fear because of this. The guest in question was supposedly a “Verified” member of AirBNB with positive reviews.

The detail account of what the women went through after the guests “XXX Freak Fest”, read her post on tumblr.

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