Alibaba to Work with U.S. Retailers for China Sales

Alibaba group of China plans to work with U.S retailers this year in a bid to win U.S business by leveraging the vast and growing middle class of China. alibaba

Alibaba, which is currently the largest retailer in the world, plans to work with Alipay and attract partners in the United states. Reuters has reported.

Alibaba with $300 billion in global sales, has long been looked at as a potential challenge for Amazon someday,is following a well thought strategy of expanding to the United States.

As a first step, Alibaba wants to work with U.S retail stores like Saks Inc, and Neiman Marcus Group to handle their chines shipping, payment and sales. Both of these stores have confirmed to Reuters about the agreement with Alibaba but did not disclose how the initial pilots of the agreement are faring.

Alibaba will also be working with Shoprunnger and BorderFree Inc.

Experts currently put a figure of $15 billion for U.S to China consumer sales and there are estimates that the volume can grow to $291 billion by the year 2020.

Alibaba has also plans to raise its brand awareness for the U.S consumers by launching a marketing campaign.

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