Alicia Keys Leaves Creative Director Position at Blackberry


Alicia Keys and Blackberry are saying goodbye to each other after the hit R&B singer could not reignite the love affair of users with Blackberry smartphones.

Alicia Keys joined Blackberry as its creative director in January 2013 and according to a statement by the company will be leaving after a one year stint at Blackberry. Grammy Award winner singer joined Blackberry to support the launch of its Blackberry 10 OS which eventually could not gain traction among users.

Even with Alicia Keys on board, Blackberry has been losing market share to Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone smartphones. An attempt was also made to take the company private but it did not materialize and now it is focusing on corporate customers under the leadership of its new CEO John Chen.

In addition to her role as a promoter of Blackberry phone, Alicia Keys was also instrumental in starting Blackberry Scholars Program and remained involved in advocacy for more women participation in engineering and science.

Blackberry has said in a statement that :

“We thank Alicia for her many contributions. We have enjoyed the opportunity to work with such an incredibly talented and passionate individual.”

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