Amazon Drops Fire HD 8 Price to $90

Amazon has unveiled an improved and cheaper version of its Fire tablet at a time when the global tablet sales are in a slump.

The new price of Fire HD 8 is now $90 and it comes with improved battery life, enhanced storage and a digital assistant called Alexa which can do things like switch the music on or off, turn off and turn the lights and provide weather reports. The last year price of Fire HD was $150.

The core business of Amazon remains selling goods online but the company has made consistent efforts to branch into low cost digital gadgets like tablets to make a way into people’s homes and convert them into loyal buyers.

However, the competition for Fire HD 8 is fierce because it has to compete again premium products like iPad and Galaxy Tab and especially at a time when the global forecast for tablet market is that it will shrink by 12 percent mainly because of the increased screen size of the smartphones, blurring the line between a smartphone and a tablet.

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