Amazon Files Lawsuit Against 1,114 Fake Reviews Sellers

Amazon does not like when someone posts a fake review about any product that is listed on its website. And it is going against those sellers who offer to post fake reviews. Amazon has filed a new lawsuit again 1,114 sellers on Fiverr who offer paid reviews. Fiverr itself is not named as a defendant in the case. The buyers can get reviews for $5 on Fiverr. Amazon’s complaint in the court reads:

“Unfortunately, a very small minority of sellers and manufacturers tries to gain unfair competitive advantage for their products. One such method is creating false, misleading, and inauthentic customer reviews. While small in number, these reviews can significantly undermine the trust that consumers … place in Amazon, which in turn tarnishes Amazon’s brand.”

Amazon has sought a cease and desist order against the 1,114 Fiverr sellers and also is seeking to identify the sellers and the identity of those who bought these fake reviews.

Amazon had earlier filed a lawsuit in April against the websites that were offering fake reviews independently. These websites operated on a very large scale and most of these have shut though one is still operational.

Amazon has also pointed out in the complaint that the buyers of these reviews can submit their own text which the sellers can post on their behalf.


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