Amazon to Launch its Music Service Before Holidays

Music is the latest attraction Amazon wants to use to lure people into getting hooked to Amazon eCommerce store.

Bloomberg has reported that Amazon is working hard on introducing its own standalone music service. More details of the music service from Amazon will be released in the coming weeks. Reportedly the service will be priced at $5 per month and therefore, it will be cheaper than the existing competition like Spotify and Apple Music.

This might also mean that Amazon might lose money initially but this is beside the point. The main purpose of this music streaming service is to funnel users to the sale of its Echo gadget which helps people by getting voice commands. It can organize schedules, get information and even make purchases online.

Amazon has also recently released a cheaper Echo digital assistant version at $50. It has been named Echo Dot. A big selling point of these digital assistants is music which means that users can stream their favorite songs by giving voice commands.

This will be a big change in the music streaming when coupled with Echo. While on the existing services, the user has to swipe a few screens on the interface to stream their music, it will be a lot easier to say ‘Alexa, play jazz.’

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