Amazon Might Unveil a Smartphone at June 18 Event

 Jeff BezosThere are strong chances that Amazon might unveil its own smartphone this month, Bloomberg has reported citing sources familiar with the matter. This will put Amazon in direct competition in the world’s most competitive smartphone market.

A tweet from Amazon revealed yesterday that it was going to hold an event in Seattle on June 18 which will be hosted by its CEO Jeff Bezos himself for unveiling a product. The twitter post also showed a picture of a think black device with Amazon engraved in silver.

The launch of this smartphone will take rivalry between Amazon and Apple to new heights because Amazon will be directly targeting iPhone. Both the companies are already competing in many areas like tablets, and online entertainment.

Developers, customers and press can request an invitation to attend the June 18 event. A video also was available with the tweet which showed people turning their head to look at a new device from three different angles, which has led people to believe that it might be a 3-D viewing capable phone. This feature has earlier been reported by the Wall Street Journal.

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