Amazon Tests a Wireless Network Near Apple’s Headquarter

There are reports from multiple sources that Amazon has tested a wireless network for allowing customers to get access to the internet with their gadgets.

The testing of this new wireless network was done in California in Cupertino area and it employed a frequency spectrum being in control of GlobablStar Inc which a satellite communications company. The test was private.

amazon network

This new test is a clear indication of how Amazon is looking forward to diverse from being just a web destination for people to venturing into how people get connected to internet. This will give Amazon a rich information about user experience – how they connect to web, which devices they use to connect etc.

Amazon is the first company that is doing tests to become an internet gateway. Google has also tried to establish its presence in web gateway field by getting wireless spectrum and building high speed and bandwidth powered fiber networks.

Both Globalstar and Amazon refused to offer any comment to Bloomberg.


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