Amazon TV Set-top Box to be Launched in March

Amazon is going to launch an internet connected TV box next month, according to a report by ReCodeamazon-prime-logo

The march release of the Amazon TV set-top box will place it in competition with Apple TV , Google’s Chromecast and the market leader Roku, which has many different set-t0p boxes in the market, according to the report.

Not much details about the device are available but it almost sure that it will be based on Google’s Android platform. Amazon also uses its own forked version of Android for its Kindle Fire tablets.

There have been strong rumors in the past too about Amazon launching its set-top box. This makes perfect sense for Amazon because it sells movies and TV shows on its tablets and website too.

Google and Apple also sell movies but it is easier on those platforms to share content between desktop, smartphones and tablets and their TV set-top boxes. This is currently not possible for Kindle Fire users.


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