Anonymous Hack MIT Website on Aaron Swartz Anniversary

anonymous-hack-mitAnonymous has resumed its Operation Last Resort on the death anniversary of internet activist Aaron Swartz and hacked MIT’s website for the Cogeneration Project.

The page has been defaced and was titled “The Day we Fight Back, ” and reads:

“Remember the day we fight back remember we never forget, we never surrender, expect us – #OPLASTRESORT”

The founder of Reddit, Demand Progress and Creative Commons, Aaron Swartz had committed suicide on Jan 11, in New York City.

MIT initially claimed that it had played a neutral role in prosecution of Aaron Swartz over charges of downloading 4 million articles from MIT JSTOR online journal archive. The whole JSTOR database has now been made available free of charge on internet.

The family of Swartz issued statements after his suicide that MIT and and over-passionate DoJ were the cause of Swartz’s suicide.

Demand Progress, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Reddit, Fight for the Future, Mozilla and many more are observing “The Day We Fight Back” in honor of Aaron Swartz.

MIT website had also been hacked by Anonymous after Aaron Swartz death and then again on January 22, 2013.

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