Anonymous Hackers Leak Credit Card Data and Passwords

Anonymous DDC_1660_1Keeping true to its promise of pulling a Christmas Hack, usernames, passwords and credit card data of more than 13,000 users of Amazon, Walmart, Hulu Plus, PlayStation and Xbox Live have been released by a Twitter account which claims that it belongs to hacking group Anonymous.

In addition to the information about above gaming, retailer and video sites, the trove of information released in a Friday tweet also has usernames/passwords information of a number of popular pornography sites too. The complete list of the companies that have been affected is available here.

And the free pirated download of the Sony movie ‘Interview’ is also included as icing on the cake. Anonymous had threatened that they would release the movie after Sony had pulled itself from releasing the movie earlier on.

This online posting of Xbox Live and PlayStation accounts has come a day after another hacking group named Lizard Squad forced Xbox Live and PlayStation offline with a DDOS attack that last for many days.

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