Apple Gets 1% More share in Chinese Smartphone Market

Apple has gained a measly 1% additional share in the Chinese smartphone market, a report of IDC quoted by WSJ states.iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C According to the IDC report, Apple has now made to the top 5 smartphone sellers in China. The list depicting the market share is as under:

  • Samsung, 19%
  • Lenovo, 13%
  • Coolpad, 11%
  • Huawei, 10%
  • Apple, 7%
  • Xiaomi, 6%

The additional gain of 1 percent share is attributed to the iPhone 5S sales remaining high but as it is visible, it has only 7% of the market and is at a distant 5th position. However, even with this increase of one percent share , Apple managed to increase its sales in China by 20 percent during last quarter.

Apple has recently entered into agreement with China Mobile, the largest mobile carrier in China and this should further help increase sales in future.

However, we should be ready to accept the fact that Apple will never be able to lead the Chinese market because iPhone is costlier than other available options there.

However, given the huge size of the Chinese market, Apple can still continue to grow even in the high end market with a good impact on overall sales.

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