Apple Paying ISPs like Netflix for Preferential Data Transfer

net neutrality... to the power of youAccording to reports, Apple has made live its own CDN (content delivery network) and is paying big ISPs like Comcast for moving its own hardware into their interconnect data centers.

This arrangement is exactly same like what Netflix agreed with the ISPs for having its own CDS and paying these ISPs some interconnection charges.

The only difference between Netflix and Apple is that Netflix raised a lot of hue and cry while doing this while Apple has done this quite discretely.

The FCC has not equated this arrangement with violation of net neutrality so far though it has said that it is currently reviewing this. Technically speaking a paid interconnection is different from “internet fast lane” , which means preferential treatment for bits of data from certain companies.

Google and Facebook had also criticized ISPs for this interconnection through their trade association but have stayed away from publicly criticizing this.

This is a bad omen for Netflix’s efforts to reform this paid interconnection thing when Apple silently agrees to pay money to ISPs without even a whisper of a complaint.

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