Apple Phones Are Made With Real Gold

The recycling program from Apple is a money earner too. Apple has declared in its annual environmental report that it has extracted 90 million pounds of useful material from recycling of Apple devices in 2015. About 60 percent of the materials so extracted can be used in future products. And the most amazing statistic is that apple has also extracted 2,204 pound of real gold from its old recycled smartphones. The worth of this much gold is placed at $40 million.

But do not assume that the gold has come from the bodies of your golden iPhones. In fact the internal circuit boards of iPhone have around 30 milligrams of real gold used in these, according to a website called Fairphone.

$40 million is not much of a money for a company like Apple but still when you also add another $6 million of copper, it might spur other big smartphone manufacturers to start their own recycling programs rather than dumping these without use.

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