Apple Again Strives for Ban on Samsung Products


Apple has again filed a motion looking for a ban on about two dozen Samsung products for its protection. Interestingly, one of the justifications given in the motion is that no one will get harmed because these products are no more current and therefore are not available for sale anyway. The motion was filed in a court of California and is the latest effort in a long drawn battle of patents between the two leading smartphone giants.

A U.S. Court of Appeals ruled last month that the judge Lucy Koh made significant efforts in the trial and retrial when did not agree to a court injunction against alleged infringing products from Samsung. This ruling by the Appeals court has again given impetus to Apple to push for an injunction against sale of Samsung products in the U.S.

Apple has stated in the motion that it wants in injunction to get “the relief it needs to combat any future infringement by Samsung” if it introduces products which are “not colorably different” from the alleged infringing products.

Florian Muller, a leading patents analyst has written on FOSS Patents, that winning an injunction will provide Apple with more powerful legal recourse in case Samsung introduces any products in future which are suspected of patent infringement.

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