Apple Unveils OS X Yosemite With Many New Features

Apples-OS-X-YosemiteApple has announced the next version of its OS X operating system at the WWDC Developers Conference. The biggest new change is a flatter look.

The new release has been named OS X Yosemite and takes OS X even more closer to iOS 7 in looks. The other big noticeable thing about OS X Yosemite is translucency.

The new version is available to developers for download starting today and the rest of the users will get it free this fall. Apple has also announced a public beta program for OS X Yosemite and users can sign up for this beta access during this summer.

More than just looks, there are also many interesting new features also included with the new release. It gets an improved Notification Center with more iOS like look  and third party apps also get better notifications.

Continuity is another new feature which means that OS X will know more about what work you were doing on your iPad or iPhone and you could continue that on your Mac.

Similarly another new feature is pairing up of iPhone and Mac. You could send messages from your Mac and even you will be able to dial your phone from your Mac.

iCloud Drive is another exciting feature coming with Yosemite. iCloud Drive is the new cloud storage service from Apple for syncing across iOS, OS X and even Windows. With this Apple has entered the race for cloud storage which is currently having many big players like Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive from Microsoft.

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