Apple Users Complain of Quick Battery Draining After iOS 7.1

ios 7.1

Many Apple users are complaining on Twitter and on Apple’s forums that after installing the recent iOS 7.1 update, batteries of iPhone and iPad are draining more quickly.

Apple released the first major update to iOS 7 on Monday. The update has been named iOS 7.1  and currently has been installed by more than 18 percent App iOS device users in the US, a report from Chitika says.

The update was aimed at fixing a few bugs, adding new features and some interface changes have also been pushed with the update. But users are complaining that batteries are weaker after the update.

A thread on Apple Support forums has got numerous complaints similar to this: “My iPhone 5S has been draining like crazy since the iOS 7.1 Update.” 

A large number of users have also taken to Twitter to report fast draining batteries after iOS 7.1 update.

However, it appears that the problem is not universal. In fact some of the users have reported better battery life after the update. Majority of users on a poll on 9to5Mac have reported that their batteries are doing just fine after the update.

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