Apple Watch To be in Stores Only by June

If the next technological thing on your mind is Apple Watch, then it will not be possible for you to find on in any of the Apple stores in the coming weeks. A memo from retail chief of Apple, Angela Ahrendts, says that Apple Watch will not be available in stores during May.

The memo answers questions from retail employees of Apple who had asked if Apple was firm in its plans to start sale of Apple Watch from next Friday. The memo has been seen and reported by The Telegraph.

Apple had said last week that Apple Watch shall be offered via online orders only through the initial launch period. No exact time frame for the launch period was defined by Apple.

So this memo from Ahrendts further makes it clear that Apple Watch will be offered via Apple Stores eventually but the in-store availability will be announced when the date draws closer.

The memo says that Apple will be able to deliver Apple Watch quicker with online orders. Ahrendts further said in the memo that the sale of the “most personal product yet” from Apple requires a different approach.

For those people who love the excitement of buying Apple products by lining up on launch days, Ahrendts says that this model is not essentially going to be followed for the future launches.

People have been ordering Apple Watch online since last Friday and the current delivery dates stretch well into May and in fact even into June for many customers. However, the lucky ones will get their watches starting next Friday.

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