Apple Working on Two Bigger Screen iPhones for 2014

The iPhone screen is going to get bigger again, Wall Street Journal reports. Apple is reportedly working on two new iPhones both of which have displays larger than 4.5 inches. In fact display of one prototype is 5 inches. Apple plans to release these big screen iPhones this year.

The reports of bigger screen iPhones have been doing rounds for quite some time now.

According to latest report, both these phones will be based on metal but will not be having curved displays, a feature recently reported by the Verge. The larger phone is still in early phases of development. However, the Journal reports that neither of the two displays are final yet and could possibly change along the way.

The report further claims that both these larger screen iPhones will be of metal and Apple will discontinue making plastic phones – a version it introduced with iPhone 5C last year. However, it is unlikely that Apple will stop producing iPhone 5C at least for a few years.

Notwithstanding how these phones are marketed, it is clear that Apple is now alive to the challenge of large screen Android phones that consumers have started to love. The last increase in iPhone display size was in 2012 when it was increased from 3.5 to 4 inches at the time of introduction of iPhone 5 but Android phones have grown even larger in display size.

It will be a big change for iPhone design and previously no change in design has been rumored this much.

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