AT&T in Talks With Netflix for Faster Movie Streaming

It looks like broadband companies are taking the best possible benefit of the striking down of net neutrality rules by court. After the agreement between Comcast and Netflix for faster speeds for Netflix video streams, now Reuters has reported that AT&T is also in talks with Netflix for reaching on an agreement for improved broadband speeds for its customers who use Netflix for streaming videos.


A spokesman from Mark Siegel has said in a statement that :

“we’re in discussions with Netflix to establish a more direct connection between our networks, similar to agreements we have with others, so that AT&T broadband customers who use Netflix can enjoy an even better video experience.”

This might well mean the end of the era of free and fair bandwidth for content providers. Earlier cable and bandwidth providers were not allowed to distinguish between content providers while providing service to customers but now it is a reality that content providers like Netflix, who reportedly consumes a third of the bandwidth of Comcast on peak times, are going to pay to consume bigger chunks of bandwidth and good streaming speeds.


Source: Reuters

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