AT&T Lowers Prices for Wirelss Plans, Second Time This Year

US wireless carriers are engaged in a persistent competitive battle. After T-Mobile doubled internet data on its wireless plans, AT&T has announced that is is going to reduce the price of its unlimited calls and text data plan by $15.


The new plan will be effective from Sunday and the price for subscribers buying or bringing their phone by 19 percent.

The new plan brings down the price of the plan with 2 GB data plan from $55 a month to $40. Those new subscribers who will come with their own phone will pay a one time fee of $65 which is down from earlier $80. Those adding a new line of service will continue to get a $100 as per previous practice.

This new plan from AT&T are significantly cheaper than the competing Verizon, whose similar plan goes for $80.

The move is part of AT&T’s response to T-Mobile which has been aggressively marketing its no-contract plans which has added many subscribers.

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