Barnes & Noble and Samsung to Jointly Develop Nook Tablet

nook tabletBarnes & Noble and Samsung have agreed to develop a Nook tablet which will have Samsung’s hardware and Barnes & Noble’s software which means that Barnes & Noble will be focusing on providing the best digital reading technology without having to worry about hardware part of the device.

Barnes & Noble had lost hundreds of millions of dollars on Nook tablets and had stopped producing these and announced that it will look for a partner.

This deal is clearly indicative that Barnes & Noble wants to be a content-centric company and not a device centric company.

The 7 inch device named Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook tablet will be launched in early August in US. The device will be available for sale in all 7oo Barnes & Noble stores and on its website, Reuters has reported.  

According to the agreement, Barnes & Noble has agreed to buy 1 million Nook tablets from Samsung in the first year of launch. This period is extendable to 15 months if the sales do to meet targets.

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