Best Buy Offers Free $100 for Upgrading from Windows XP

Windows XPWindows XP end is only four days away and Best Buy hopes it can get some significant sales out of this opportunity.

Best Buy has said that it will offer $100 credit to those customers who will like to upgrade from old Windows XP to a new computer with latest Windows operating system version.

From this Sunday, users will be able to trade in their old laptop or desktop running Windows XP and get a $100 credit towards buying a laptop or computer with the latest Windows computer, Apple Mac or Chrome netbook.

Windows XP was launched by Microsoft in 2001 and still to date is one of the most widely used operating system. But Microsoft has announced that it will terminate support for Windows XP users from April 8 which will mean that those old laptops and computer running Windows XP will become exposed to cyber threats because Microsoft will not update Windows XP anymore.

Microsoft has recommended that Windows XP users upgrade to a later version of Windows which is supported by Microsoft for security and other updates.

Microsoft is also running its own $100 credit offer which is available if you buy a computer or laptop running Windows 8.1 and you can show that you are currently using Windows XP. Microsoft’s free $100 credit is available at its retail locations and online store.

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