25 Best Internship Companies for 2014

This summer again many interns will work for either low pay or no pay at all but a few lucky ones will get internship at companies where they will work on valuable, educational and professionally challenging projects. Facebook HQ, by eston

Glassdoor, a company focused on career and social jobs has released its list of Top 25 Highest Rated Companies Hiring Interns Right Now. This rating has been based on feedback from 4,700 previous interns at various companies. These interns rated these companies on a 5 point scale on the basis of their satisfaction.

According to the rating Facebook is the number one company for interns leaving behind Google for two years in a row. The company at number 3 is Qualcomm. According to GlassDoor, the common attractions for these 25 highest rated companies for interns include mentorship programs, career development, great compensation, access to senior management and helpful seniors.

Glassdoor says that this is the right time to apply for an internship because almost 5,000 employers are looking for interns right now. Given below is the list of top 10 best companies for internship:

[su_list icon=”icon: star”]1. Facebook 2. Google 3. Qualcomm 4. Schlumberger 5. Epic 6. Intel 7. Microsoft 8. Bloomberg 9. Apple 10. ExxonMobil[/su_list]

Full list of 25 best internship companies can be found here.

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