Best WordPress Themes That Are Free (August 2014 Selection)

ignite-themeFor all those lovers of WordPress, the beauty of WordPress has a lot to do with the unlimited supply of WordPress themes which area available for any niche you want.

These themes are customziable which means you can also tweak these according to the exact requirements of your project. If you do not feel yourself comfortable with changing the CSS, you can hire a developer on Fiverr for five dollars to make it according to your needs.

WordPress themes are free as well as premium wordpress themes. There is unlimited supply of both. If you want a premium look for a website you are going to create, i will recommend going with a premium wordpress theme.

But this does not mean that there are no free wordpress themes which are of premium quality. As a matter of fact, there are so many free wordpress themes that these can easily fit in any best wordpress themes listing.

Given below is a selection of 5 best wordpress themes for the month of August 2014:

1. Waterlily Theme

This is an idea theme for any portfolio site which has a focus on images. It is based on Masonry and can be easily configured and customized.

2. Pictorico Theme

This is another nice theme which is again ideally suitable for image websites of artists who want to display their portfolios. Ideal for photoblogs, portfolios and photojournalism. The theme is from the developers of WordPress themselves so you can be sure of the underlying code.

3. Ignite Theme

This is a very nice and simple every purpose wordpress theme which can be used with anything related to blogging. The theme has a nice logo positioning and sizing feature which means your logo will fit perfectly.

4. Semicolon Theme

This is a very good magazine theme which helps you make your content stand out. It is an ideal theme for blogging and publishing.

5. Make Theme

The final theme making to our best wordpress themes collection for August is Make. This theme also has a drag and drop page builder. It has a paid version too but the features available in the free version are also good enough. It is a responsive wordpress theme and can be used for anything.


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