Bing Search Engine is Finally Profitable with $1 Billion Revenue

It has taken more than a decade but not Bing is not just a money consumer. Microsoft has announced in its first quarter 2016 earnings call that Bing is finally at a profitable stage and it contributed more than $1 billion to the revenues that Microsoft earned during the first quarter of the fiscal year 2016.

The profitability has, however, come at the cost of doing away with some things that Bing had aspired to do. For example, Bing sold its display advertising business along with around one thousand employees to AOL. It also sold its map data collection unit to Uber along with 100 employees. It will not license data related to maps from other companies.

The biggest jump to Bing growth as a search engine has been helped by Yahoo and they have recently negotiated a revised deal. However, with Yahoo also courting Yahoo for some ads and search results, Bing is not completely relying on Yahoo alone.

For example, Windows 10 devices were responsible for more than 20 percent search revenue of Microsoft. TheBing searches have seen a surge from Windows 10 devices after Microsoft built Cortana, the digital assistant powered by Bing, into Windows 10.

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