Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox Under Investigation in U.S. and Japan

The problems associated with Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox are not coming to an end. It went offline yesterday and not reports from reliable sources say that the public authorities in Japan and US have begun investigations into Mt. Gox affairs. Another report had claimed that Mt. Gox lost $400 million worth of bitcoins in theft spanning over many years.


The Wall Street Journal has reported that federal authorities summoned Mt. Gox earlier this month and directed it to ensure preservation of documents and records.

One of the key documents could turn out to be Mt. Gox’s “crisis strategy” which has not been verified so far but leaked and has elaborated the theft at the bitcoin exchange.

Fox Business has reported that CEO of Mt. Gox Mark Karpeles has said that the content of the document is “more or less” legitimate but did not clearly say that the document was actually produced by Mt. Gox.

The authorities in Japan have also started their investigations against Mt. Gox, Reuters has reported.

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