BlackBerry Brings BBM to Windows Phone

BlackBerry Messenger Table ServiceIn a move that is aimed at its enterprise clients, BlackBerry has announced that its popular messaging app BBM, also called BlackBerry Messenger, will be available to the Windows Phone users, Reuters has reported.

BlackBerry, which is in a struggling phase and increasingly positioning itself as a services and software company, has been of late trying to market BBM as a secure messaging platform for government agencies and corporations who are searching for good encrypted messaging platforms.

BBM was makde available for popular Android platform and iOS from Apple last year. With its rollout for Windows Phone users now, the BBM is now available for all three major mobile platforms.

BBM, which was the pioneering mobile messaging service, has not been able to keep pace with the reality and as a results services like WhatsApp now dominate the market. The main reason was reluctance from BlackBerry to open BBM for other rival platforms.

BBM messaging service currently has 85 million active users.

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