BlackBerry CEO ‘Outraged’ at T-Mobile for iPhone Switching Offer

The new CEO of BlackBerry, John Chen, has taken affront to a promotion of T-mobile which had sent an email to a few customers who are using Blackberry to switch over to iPhone 5S without any charges.Blackberry Q10

Chen has written a blog post where he has said that he is ‘outraged’ by this T-Mobile’s promotion. He has also thanked those loyal BlackBerry users who have approached T-Mobile  on this and has noted that this “draws a sharp contrast with the behavior of our longtime business partner.”

He writes for those BlackBerry fans that “I can assure you that we are outraged too,” Chen goes on to write. “What puzzles me more is that T-Mobile did not speak with us before or after they launched this clearly inappropriate and ill-conceived marketing promotion.” And while addressing T-Mobile he writes “that our long-standing partnership was once productive and profitable for both BlackBerry and T-Mobile” and goes on to hope that  “we can find a way forward that allows us to serve our shared customers once again.”

It is notable that T-Mobile does not currently offer any modern BlackBerry phones (barring a refurbished Q10) so its BlackBerry customers have limited choices if they want to upgrade to a latest model.

In response to the blog post by Chen, T-Mobile has responded with its commitment to the BlackBerry platform and apologized for any confusion caused. Here is the full statement from T-Mobile:

Customers can purchase some of the latest BlackBerry devices from T-Mobile – including the Q10 and Z10 that we have carried since they launched. They can buy and direct ship devices from more than 3,000 T-Mobile retail stores and as an additional courtesy to our BlackBerry customers, we will begin offering free expedited shipping of BlackBerry devices by Friday. Customers can also bring unlocked BlackBerry devices to T-Mobile. We are happy to be a BlackBerry partner and apologize for any confusion.

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