Blackberry Priv Android Phone Preorders Possible Now for $699

Blackberry will start shipping of its Blackberry Priv Android phone from November 6th next month but you can preorder the phone right now for $699. This price tag is more expensive than the top flagship android phones like Nexus 6P, Moto X, Galaxy Note 5 and a few others too.

Blackberry Priv comes with a Snapdragon 808 processor, 5.4 inch QHD display, 18 MP camera, 3GB of RAM, 32 GB storage and a physical keyboard. The battery that ships with it is 3,410 which can last for 22 hours of miscellaneous use.

However, the choice as far as carriers is concerned, is quite limited. It will not work on Print, Verizon and US Cellular which leaves you with T-mobile and AT&T. Blackberry has been emphasizing on its own software hub called Blackberry Hub alongside the android apps. A tool called DTEK is already included which keeps monitoring apps and OS for critical security risks.

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