BlackBerry Wins Injunction Against iPhone Physical Keyboard Company

typo-iphone-keyboardBlackBerry has managed an early success against a company selling physical keyboards for iPhone.

The company name Typo Products has been co-founded by Ryan Seacrest and launched its first physical keyboard for iPhone in January.

BlackBerry has filed a case against Typo Products alleging that its iPhone case, which also comes with a keyboard, is a copy of BlackBerry’s hardware and infringes on its copyrighted patents.

A federal judge granted preliminary injunction against Typo products on Friday, saying that BlackBerry “has established a likelihood of proving that Typo infringes the patents at issue and Typo has not presented a substantial question of the validity of those patents.”

BlackBerry has said that the rules is very pleasing for it. The injunction has disallowed Typo Products from making, marketing, selling, using, distributing or importing its iPhone physical keyboard.

Typo has said in a statement that it the ruling was disappointing and the company will appeal this.

Typo iPhone keyboard was available for 99$ and can be used with iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s and looks like the physical keyboard found on blackberry smartphone devices.

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