Boeing Makes Secure, Self-destructing Black Android Smartphone

The secure Android smartphone is being built by someone you will not expect from. Boeing is building a black Android smartphone for the security conscious which will destroy its data if it is tampered with.

Image by Boeing

Boeing says that the phone has been built keeping in mind the security requirements of “US defense and security communities.” A filing by Boeing with US Federal Communications Commission states:

“The Boeing Black phone is manufactured as a sealed device both with epoxy around the casing and with screws, the heads of which are covered with tamper proof covering to identify attempted disassembly. There are no serviceable parts on Boeing’s Black phone, and any attempted servicing or replacing of parts would destroy the product. Any attempt to break open the casing of the device would trigger functions that would delete the data and software contained within the device and make the device inoperable.”

Other notable features of the black smartphone from Boeing are as under:

  • 1.2 GHz ARM , A9 Cortex processor
  • Android OS with enhanced security policy
  • 4.3 inch screen with 540×960 resolution
  • Bluetooth
  • dual-Sim capability
  • Embedded FIPS 140-2 key storage, hardware inhibits, crypto engine
  • Secure boot
  • Disk encryption
  • 1590 mAh lithium-ion battery

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