Bradley Manning Gets 35 years in prison Over WikiLeaks disclosures

The final decision of the Bradley Manning’s court martial has been announced today and the military court headed by Colonel Denise Lind has sentenced him to 35 years imprisonment. His rank has also been reduced. All the pay and allowances will be forfeited along with a dishonorable discharge. He will become eligible for parole after serving one third of his sentence. By getting 1294 days credit for the time already served, his sentence could mean 8-9 years imprisonment before parole. He could his see his sentence further being reduced as result of clemency finding.


Bradley Manning was the main source of WikiLeaks who was arrested in 2010 in Iraq after he released nearly 700,000 sensitive government documents.  The charge of “aiding the enemy” could not, however, be proved which would have meant a sure life imprisonment. The all other charges under Espionage Act and Computer Fraud and Abuse Act were proved. Under the military justice system, Colonel Denise did not need to justify the sentence. Bradley Manning did not show any visible response.

Now the case will move to the Army Court of Criminal Appeals automatically for review and the appeals court may decide to hear additional arguments, if any.



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