Buy Apple TV and Get Free $25 Gift Card

If you have been making up your mind about buying Apple TV, then this is perhaps the most suitable time.

Apple TV

Apple is offering free $25 gift card with every purchase of its $99 Apple TV. The promotion has started today and is valid up to March 5th, a report from 9to5Mac says.

This promotion is only applicable for new Apple TV and is not available if you buy a refurbished unit. The free gift card you will get will be good for buying music , TV Shows and movies on iTunes , software and apps on App Store and books on iBooks.

Apple is generally not the company that will come up with many promotions like this, therefore, some people are saying that this might be an attempt by Apple to clear previous stock while it makes preparations for the launch of a new Apple TV. There have been recent reports that Apple is in talks with many cable providers for a new set-top box.

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