California Volunteer for Al Qaeda on Facebook Pleads Guilty

fbifacebookA 24 year old Sinh Vinh Ngo Nguyen from California learned that the al Qaeda recruiter he was engaged on Facebook was an undercover FBI agent. Nguyen held meetings with the person he had befriended on Facebook sever times between August and October with the understanding that he was a recruiter for Al Qaeda operation in Syria.

However, to utter shock of Nguyen, the presumed recruiter disclosed on October 11 that he was in fact a counter terrorism official from FBI.

Nguyen pleaded guilty before the judge this week though the judge was apprehensive of value of Nguyen in Al Qaeda ranks on a broader scale. The prosecution said that the person had spend six months fighting Asad Regime in Syria previously but had to return to US after he was not welcomed by Al Qaeda there.

At one point he also sought recruitment in US army but he was declined because of his hearing problem. After this he took to social media to get recruited. Nguyen can get a prison term upto 15 years if the charges are proved. He will be sentenced on March 21st next year.

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