CES 2015 – 5 Big Things That Will be in Focus

CES A lot of interest has been generated recently about how the Internet of Things will present itself as a big opportunity for tech business. And more of this discussion and information is likely to be presented at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show 2015 that is going to be held in Las Vegas.

Internet of Things has arrived as a market now. It is all about creating networked intelligent products which are not only able to communicate with each other but also with international networks and people. And CES 2015, which is one of the world’s biggest tech event of the year, is going to give a lot of exposure to this.

Our lives are being facilitated by high tech devices that are networked and connected with each other. And this will be very visible at CES. The always connected and networked consumer is going to be the order of the day which will lead to creation of many new and emerging products in different categories.

According to Forbes, the following five important areas will be the areas to watch at the CES 2015 relating to Internet of Things:

  • Phablets growth is going to outgrow tablets
  • 4K TVs are going to be the new standard
  • Healthcare and clinical applications growth
  • Information security related products for Internet of Things
  • And seamless experience of connected cars

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