China Retaliates to US Indictment of its Soldiers for Cyberspying

secretChina has formally that it might retaliate to recent indictment of 5 of its army officers by the United States on charges of cyberspying and hacking to gain trade secrets of US companies.

The warning came from a spokesman of the Internet Information Office of China. The indictment of these five Chinese officers could further complicate the already complicated relations between China and US.

The spokesman told Zinhua and People’s Daily that : “If the United States continues to insist on going its own way, China will take measures to resolutely fight back.”

However, no specific measure were detailed which China might employ. China is currently the biggest creditor of United States with $1.2 trillion invested in U.S Treasury bonds.

The foreign ministry of China has also denied the hacking charges and said that the whole issue was “made up” and damaging for the relations between both the countries.

The Chinese spokesman also said that US government’s own hands were not clean because it “attacks, infiltrates and taps Chinese networks belonging to governments, institutions, enterprises, universities and major communication backbone networks”.

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