China Says Hackers caused Outage: Analysts Blame Great Firewall

Chinese Government has said that the internet outage earlier this week was the result of cyber attack, however, security experts are pointing fingers at the Great Firewall operated by the Chinese Government.

On Tuesday afternoon, around 600 million internet users in China were left without internet after top level domains like .com, .org and .net were redirecting to a blank page. The country level domain addresses with .cn were not affected in the outage. The outage lasted for between 3 to 6 hours for different users.

The page where users were redirected belonged to Dynamic Internet Technology, a US company that markets a software called Freegate that allows users to bypass government controls.

Chinese Government’s National Computer Network Emergency Response Centre has said in a statement:

“According to an analysis of available data the center has preliminarily concluded that this incident was caused by a cyberattack. The source of the attack is under further investigation.”

However, many industry experts claim that the network outage was not related to hackers and that it was an internal issue most probably related to Great Firewall. Xia Qiang, a professor at University of California  who is also aware of chines government web filtering system has told Reuters:

“Our investigation shows very clearly that the domain name service exclusion happened at servers inside China.It all points to the Great Firewall. How that happened or why that happened, we’re not sure.”

Dynamic Internet Technology has also denied that it was responsible for the outage and pointed finger at the web filtering system of the Chinese Government.

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