Chinese President Talks to Obama Over Huawei Spying

huawei-logoXi Jinping, the Chinese President has talked to President Obama and expressed his concerns over the alleged surveillance of Chinese companies by the United States and asked him to cooperate in putting an end to this, Reuters has reported. President Obama said that US surveillance is not for any commercial gains and this information is also never shared with private companies.

China’s foreign ministry has also said that Chinese Government is “extremely concerned” with the recent reports that US NSA spied on Chinese telecom company Huawei’s networks. China has also asked United States to explain as to why it has been engaged in such surveillance. The Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hon Lei said:

“We always believe that internet communication technology should be employed for a country’s social-economic development, rather than internet espionage and monitoring.”

In the past Huawei has lost some contract in the US over alleged links with the Chinese government which Huawei and Chinese government have denied. It was perhaps these reports that led to NSA launching a full fledged espionage operation against Huawei to search for its links with the Chinese Government.

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